Message by the President

Wuzhong Zhou
Professor, Ph.D. and Dean of Design Department of SJTU
Director, International Center for Innovation and Design of SJTU
Member, Landscape Architecture Expert Committee, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Head of Flower Civilization Branch, China Flower Association
Head of Creative Industry Branch, China National Society for Oriental Culture

Exploring Scientific Approaches to Better Designing

With the arrival of the “Grand Design” era, the influence of design is felt everywhere in our lives. Design has become a huge industrial system which demonstrates broad prospect for future development. Therefore, design industry and education is being valued and regarded as part of national development strategy in most countries around the world. In this critical period of the development of design as an industry and the entry of ISDS into the 2nd decade, I feel honored and proud to be the rotating President of ISDS. I am also very grateful to all the members of the Presidium for their trust in me.

Designing is a cluster of disciplines which includes numerous art-related studies and involves all art-related design activities conforming to the patterns of design discipline. Design science, not only covers natural science and engineering technology science, also focuses on the study of design art itself through scientific approaches and from a rational standpoint. Both Industry 4.0 strategy from Germany and Made in China plan from China place design industry to a unprecedented height in terms of promoting industrial development and realizing social prosperity. In order to achieve those great goals, teams of design talents and elites who can practice forward-looking design theories, operating international design project and think out of box are indispensable. The essence of design is innovation.

“The great innovator and leader must be a great thinker of design”. ISDS will dedicate itself to the establishment of a platform for research, innovation, cooperation and problem-solving. This platform will provide opportunities for design researchers to discuss frontier issues, broaden academic insight of design discipline, strengthen skills and methods on design research, create innovative research fruits in the overall field of design, assist front-line designers absorbing the core and essence of design and implementing scientific methods so as to perfect design procedure and realize a higher design utility. I also hope design educators can demonstrate the current development of design discipline objectively and explore the direction of design going forward in a way optimize and reconstruct the design subject and discipline in colleagues and universities.

I sincerely hope friends in the design community can join hands and co-construct a tower of design science which facilitates the innovation on design, products and environment. For a better life of human being, we will contribute to the best of our abilities as designers.