International Society for Design Science (referred to as ISDS) is an international non-profit academic organization gathering individuals and groups of great authority and representativeness in the fields of art and design around the world. It covers a great number of design industries such as architectural design, space design, brand strategy design, user experience design, interactive design and urban design, landscape design, industrial design and product design, etc., by virtue of professionalism and systematicness, leading global design to develop in multiple fields and industries. 

Relying on extensive resources from governments, associations, design institutions and related colleges and universities of different countries and regions around the world, gathering wisdom of professional industries, with the aim of “gathering people, sharing resources and seeking common development”, ISDS gives full play to the role of international academic organization is serving as bridge. It commits itself to promote academic exchange and industrial cooperation worldwide in the fields of design, art, culture, education and etc.

Message by the President

 ISDS will dedicate itself to the establishment of a platform for research, innovation, cooperation and problem-solving. This platform will provide opportunities for design researchers to discuss frontier issues, broaden academic insight of design discipline, strengthen skills and methods on design research, create innovative research fruits in the overall field of design, assist front-line designers absorbing the core and essence of design and implementing scientific methods so as to perfect design procedure and realize a higher design utility. I also hope design educators can demonstrate the current development of design discipline objectively and explore the direction of design going forward in a way optimize and reconstruct the design subject and discipline in colleagues and universities.


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