Call for Papers

As an English-based academic publication, the International Journal of Design Science (IJDS) is quarterly published online at by the International Society for Design Science (ISDS). The editorial office is located in the United States. Just as shown in the journal’s name, we try to explore science for better designs. We initiate a call for paper in all areas related to design, including research papers, survey papers, case studies and other high quality scholarly articles.

Paper Submission Requirements:

1. We welcome original academic papers that focus on design and the study of design by other scientific methods. If the paper introduces design work cases, it should include in-depth theoretical analysis or solid field investigating data. Submission of a paper implies: that the work must present original and unpublished; that the publication has been approved by all co-authors.

2. The papers are required to be innovative, academic, normative and readable. As a general rule the recommended length of a submitted paper is between 8000-15000 words, with a typesetting of 8-12 pages and in accordance with relevant stylistic format requirements (see Authors Guide in the official website).

3. All submissions shall be made online through emails, IJDS recommends the use of Word 2003/ 2007 when preparing your article and please send it to the following email:

4. Multiple submissions per draft are not allowed. The editorial house will issue a notice of acceptance within 2 months from the date of receipt; an inquiry should be made to the editorial house via email if overdue.

5. Based on standard procedures, IJDS established a peer-reviewed and editorial board reviewed mechanism (three rounds of review), and decides the acceptance according to the evaluation results fairly and independently.

6. The author takes sole responsibility for the paper. The editorial house has the right to make textual or format changes, and all substantive changes shall be approved by authors.

7. If the author agrees to publish the paper, the property right (including any media, language or form) contained in copyright shall be transferred to the editorial house of IJDS. If the author does not agree, an advance statement must be made.

8. IJDS does not charge publication fee or pay remuneration for accepted manuscripts. The electronic version of the issue (PDF format) will be presented to the author. If translation services are required, a certain amount fee for cost are needed.

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